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Zebridge facilitate different meetings whether in obtaining various authorizations, obtaining one or more mining squares, facilitating political-administrative meetings, creating a company or even in the need to obtain an official invitation letter from the Congolese government, etc.

We are also a reliable B2B & B2C business provider platform operating in different sectors such as; various’ rental machinery for mining works, constructions, road construction, and rehabilitation, we provide sales for: various mining equipment, mining machines, various spare parts for machines and others; we are working with fuel providers and we are also working with buses manufacturers.

We work to meet the services or equipment needs of different companies or individuals.

We also bring our collaboration to various companies wishing to promote their services or various equipment they put on sale, this collaboration aims to increase product or service turnover.


Our goal is to meet the needs of different companies, for machinery rental, mining equipment purchase, construction, fuel, etc.

Knowing that there is a high need related to unforeseen or lacks, whether it is gear, fuel, or other types of equipment that allows the realization of a complete work, we assist different companies or individuals to solve immediate concerns and to find what they need whether for long or medium-term rental, purchase, or rental purchase.

We also work with service providers as well as vendors of various equipment,  locally or outside the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We collaborate for our partners in order to attract markets or close sales.


We are strongly disposed for B2B partnerships; we collaborate with companies that provide services or equipment in the desire to better promote their services or wish to increase sales. We are open for different types of collaborations whether as business introducers, sales representatives, or even as a franchise from which or several products.

Having a dynamic team, experienced and ready to meet different types of challenges, we work to make in order to bring very positive returns to all our partners. Our collaboration remains open with the various local companies as well as abroad.

Contact us now via our live chat, contact form, or by phone to discuss different types of collaboration.

Our advantages

For product and service requesters

– Benefit from fast and reliable responses for services or equipment you are looking for

– Benefit from our address book linked to your sector of activity

– Benefit from assistance 7/7 days in order to obtain the desired information even at off-peak hours

– And more others

For product and service providers

– We provide support to promote your products and services.

– Benefit from our address book linked to your sector of activity

– Benefit from our market research services in relation to your products or services

–  And more others

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