The bridge for gold buyers and sellers in the DR Congo

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the gold market in the DRC. That’s why we are committed to providing exceptional facilitation services for those looking to sell or buy gold with total security and legality.

For Sellers: We offer you a reliable platform where you can present your gold to a wide network of serious and pre-qualified buyers. Our verification process ensures that all transactions comply with ethical and legal standards, guaranteeing you a worry-free sale.

Zebridge is not just a platform, it’s your trusted partner in the gold trade.
We have established a network of pre-selected buyers, both in the Democratic Republic of Congo and internationally, ready to transact with you.

Our commitments for a secure and efficient transaction:

• Qualified Buyers Network: We have a list of pre-selected buyers on-site in the DRC and in various countries, ensuring a constant demand and optimal sales opportunities.

• Partnership with Brinks: To ensure the security of your gold and the reliability of the transaction, we are partnered with Brinks, a global leader in secure logistics and value transport.

• Direct Contact: We prefer a direct approach. By being in direct contact with you, the gold owners, we speed up the sales process and eliminate intermediaries, ensuring a faster and more transparent transaction.

Your gold, our priority: At Zebridge, we understand that behind every gram of gold is an owner with specific expectations. That’s why we do everything to ensure that your transactions take place under the best possible conditions, with the assurance of personalized service attentive to your needs.

For buyers: Access our exclusive selection of legal and certified gold. With Zebridge, benefit from competitive prices, solid guarantees, and delivery conditions tailored to your needs. We work tirelessly to protect you from the risks of fraud and conflict, ensuring a peaceful and secure purchasing experience.

Zebridge Commitment: Safety and legality are at the core of our mission. We ensure that every gram of gold traded through our platform is tracked and handled with the highest level of responsibility.