Discover the Golden Riches of the DRC with Zebridge

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a land of promise for stakeholders in the gold market. With abundant reserves and unmatched quality, the gold from the DRC draws the attention of buyers and sellers from all over the globe. For Buyers: Zebridge is your guide on this golden journey. We provide access to an [...]

Mining code revision in DR Congo

The mining code of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a set of laws and regulations that govern the mining sector in the country. The mining code was revised in 2018 to increase the taxes and royalties paid by the mining companies, as well as to introduce new provisions on environmental and social issues. […]

DRC: Gécamines takes over the artisanal cobalt mining sector

Officially launched on 31 March, EGC – a new subsidiary of Gécamines – is intended to formalise and clean up a previously opaque artisanal mining sector. It will partner with Swiss commodities giant Trafigura, the US NGO Pact,