Mining code revision in DR Congo

Mining code revision in DR Congo

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The mining code of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a set of laws and regulations that govern the mining sector in the country. The mining code was revised in 2018 to increase the taxes and royalties paid by the mining companies, as well as to introduce new provisions on environmental and social issues. The revised mining code was met with resistance and criticism by some mining companies, who argued that it would deter investment and affect their profitability.

However, the government of the DRC defended the revised mining code as a way to ensure a fair and balanced distribution of the mining revenues, as well as to promote the development and diversification of the national economy. The government also claimed that the revised mining code was in line with the international standards and best practices in the mining sector.

In November 2021, the president of the DRC, Felix Tshisekedi, ordered a mining licences audit, which aims to review the mining code and its implementation. The president said that the audit was necessary to combat fraud and corruption within the mining sector, and to identify the mining companies that did not comply with their obligations. He also said that he wanted to end the squandering of mining assets by some political actors and officials who were involved in the administration of the mining register. He asked the mining minister to suspend the issuance and trading of mining permits until the audit is completed, and to revoke the licences of the irregular mining companies and cooperatives.

The mining licences audit is expected to last for six months, and to involve the participation of various stakeholders, such as the ministries in charge of mines, environment and finance, the provincial authorities, the mining operators, the civil society and the international partners. The audit will also be supported by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), which is a global standard for the governance of the oil, gas and mining sectors.

The mining licences audit is seen as an opportunity to improve the governance and transparency of the mining sector in the DRC, and to address the concerns and expectations of the mining industry and the local communities. It is also seen as a chance to revise and update the mining code, if necessary, to make it more attractive and competitive, while ensuring the respect of the environmental and social standards.

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